Food Quality and Safety Policy

Planície Verde assumes its Quality Policy as one of the company's top priorities. All of our commitments, actions and products must be recognized as an essential part of our business to ensure our success in the marketplace and is the key to effective business transactions.
The management of Planície Verde is responsible for setting the course and setting the example, motivating the company, encouraging team spirit and trust among employees, ensuring that quality is assumed by everyone as their responsibility.
In this sense, the Policy of Quality and Food Safety of Planície Verde- Sociedade Agrícola, Lda., is based on the following principles:

Customer Focus
Establish Quality objectives according to our customers' perceptions and expectations in order to promote continuous improvement, looking for ways to add value to them, thus enabling sustainable growth.
Ensure the food safety of your products to customers / consumers.
Promote feedback from customers and suppliers (and other relevant stakeholders) about our performance simultaneously by validating the outcome of our improvements.

Continuous Improvement
Ensure that products, processes and system changes at all levels are based on Quality priorities, eliminating underlying issues and verifying results.
Ensure the traceability of your products.
Compliance with Applicable Requirements
Comply with applicable law and further reference standards.

Social / Environmental Responsibility
Caring for the environment responsibility and sustainability.
Ensure methods to reduce pollution by ensuring an appropriate final destination for waste generated.
Ensure strict compliance with applicable national law.

Employee Motivation
Motivate employees by allowing suggestions and complaints, and encouraging teamwork

Investment in employees
Ensure the safety and well-being of its employees.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery
Ensure that no commercial courtesy is offered for improper or corrupt purposes.